BT-E9 Face and fingerprint attendance & access control system


 * Fingerprint, facial, password identification
* Communication: USB flash disk ,TCP/IP,BS
* Facial capacity: 300 

FA003V time attendance & Access control


 * Fingerprint Time Attendance FA003V supports Net connection(31 units (RS485 mode), 255 units (TCP/IP).
* With high identification speed, high registration capacity.
* FA003V can set various shifts, time attendance' time zone, group as user' need, print daily and monthly report.
* It has built in embedded standalone module with high performance ATMEL, big capacity FLASH and CMOS chips.
* Easy to integrate with various systems. 

Mini03 fingerprint time attendance with


 The main characteristic of this product are as follows:
1. Easy to use
5 minutes learn to operate
2. Attendance must
Accurate identification of dry wet and grain fingers
3. High quality
20000 hours of continuous use barrier-free
4. Simple operation management
Close using the wizard, intuitive interface, easy operation

ZKTeco S1000



  • The S1000 is a 4.3-inch touch screen Time Attendance Terminal with elegant design and professional surface treatment. This device is able to support Wi-Fi, 3G, and features 20000 fingerprints capacity, especially applicable for some projects’ time attendance.

ZKTeco X628-C


 The firmware of X628-C has been upgraded to the New Firmware. It brings many new experiences, including the new stunning GUI, rock-solid stability, faster matching speed and better expandability.
Users can easily manage data by networking X628-C via RS232, TCP/IP, and USB host. Most importantly, all the functions can still operate in a networking state. X628-C is compatibility with various types of USB flash disks, ADMS and former SDK. It also supports data backup and retrieve to avoid the risk of accidental deletion.
It promotes the fingerprint time & attendance management to the next level. You can get the best of benefits from the X628-C. 

ZKTeco SFace900


ZKTeco's newly released SFace900 Semi-Outdoor Multi-Biometric Time Attendance & Access Control Terminal which supports 3,000 face templates, 4,000 fingerprint templates and 10,000 cards.