This month, there has been quite an increased rate of fire outbreaks in various parts of Nigeria. Some of which include the fire outbreak at one of the Lagos State Eko distribution centre substations, the razing of shops and goods worth millions of naira at bola Ige market and that of the National Assembly. These are situations that do not want to know what class or level you are, they affect both young and old, rich and poor, retail shops and executive buildings. The question now beckons, How can I identify a possible fire outbreak? It is quite difficult to analyse the identification of a possible fire outbreak in a home or office without laying emphasis on fire detection and alarm system. In this article, we will explain the best fire detection and alarm system in Nigeria. Here is the outline:

What are a Fire Detection and alarm system?

List of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems in Nigeria

How does a Fire Detection and Alarm System work?

The Best Fire Detection and Alarm System in Nigeria

Where does a Fire Detection and Alarm System fit?

What is a Fire Detection and Alarm System?

A fire Detection and Alarm System is an electronic system that has the ability to spot and ascertain fire-related incidences swiftly and accurately (i.e., without the sacrifice of speed or an issue of false alarms) with the goal to send warning notifications to the occupants of the house/property or the fire service within the district or local government.

This is a device or system that sends fire alarm activations and related signals after activating an alarm or signal in the form of an audio or visual alert.

A fire outbreak does not just begin like that, most times they are attributed to

a. unsupervised candlelights

b. leaving the kitchen unattended when cooking or frying with oil or food that produces grease, such as bacon