The most anticipated and needed conference in tall buildings took place on April 6-7, 2022, in response to several reported cases around the world, including recent issues with fire and building collapse in Nigeria, as well as recent tragic home fires in New York, which demand immediate attention from everyone, especially the government.

Subject specialists from all over the world shared their knowledge on current best practices and innovations in Tall Building Fire Safety. The conference lasted two days and focused on fire engineering, fire protection, risk management, and prevention in the tall building environment.

“There have been multiple incidents of tall building casualties across the world in recent time,” said Jumade Adejola, CEO of Surveillant Fire Ltd, “and one is faced with the issue, how equipped are we as a nation to preempt this!” In Nigeria, we’ve seen a number of tall building disasters, ranging from building collapses to fires. People are challenging the status quo about long-standing issues of Tall Building Safety, therefore we cannot wait until we have another severe emergency on our hands before taking action.

Experts shed light on the core causes of tall building fires and collapses, assisting in the preparation of a communique to guide policymakers.” It was a time for networking as high-profile VIP speakers and government officials offered keynote talks on topics such as façade testing, evacuation of people with mobility impairments, fire risk assessment, fire protection, prevention, and firefighting.

Attendees included representatives from a variety of industries, including oil and gas, architecture, insurance, banking, building control, construction, real estate developer, fire product manufacturers, and firefighters, among others.

Copied from the Guardian