ZT-ST5-10 Zeta 3V Standalone Smoke Detector (10 Year Life)

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Zeta Battery Operated Detectors

The ZT-ST5 & ZT-ST5/10 stand-alone photoelectric residential smoke alarms are NF approved and can be calibrated to either UL, BSI or VdS requirements.

They feature VdS and UL-approved photoelectric sensing components with precise smoke detection and long life operation (5 year life with a 3V lithium battery) or (10 years with a 3V long life lithium battery). A proved quality with 10 million pieces installed over the world. Russian standard model available too.

The ZT-TH5 stand-alone heat detector was designed with precise microprocessor control integrating both Rate-of- Rise and Fixed Temperature heat detection.

It’s perfectly suitable for installation in all environments especially the kitchen, garage, factory etc. The ZT-TH5 uses a 9V alkaline battery and meets EN 54-5 standards.

Model Number Description Datasheets & Manuals
ZT-ST5-10 Zeta 3V Standalone Smoke Detector (10 Year Life) Datasheet