ZIS-40 | Base for Intrinsically Safe Smoke Detector

Technical Specification

  • Diameter of installation cable wires (ZIS-40; ZIS-40/W): 1mm max; n/a
  • Spacing between installation holes (ZIS-40; ZIS-40/W): 63mm; 127mm
  • Dimensions (ZIS-40; ZIS-40/W): Ø107 x 28.5mm; Ø112 x 26mm
  • Combined height: 43mm
  • Weight: 0.1kg


Base for Intrinsically Safe Smoke Detector

The ZIS-40 base is designed for mounting ZISOSD detectors on a ceiling and for connecting detection lines to them.

The base can be mounted in a ZIS-40/W base attachment installed on suspension strands or in rooms where water vapour condensation is present on the ceiling. The base is equipped with an additional PG-7 sealing gland; this enables it to become a suspended base.

The ZIS-PHD is a spark proof detector, due to which it can be used in explosion hazard areas. These detectors operate in Zeta manufactured fire alarm system detector Dimensions (mm) & Weight (kg) lines behind a proper spark proof separator.

Model Number Description Datasheets & Manuals
ZIS-40 Base for Intrinsically Safe Smoke Detector Datasheet

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