Solo 100 Telescopic Access Pole

  • SOLO 100/108 Telescopic Poles
  • Exceptionally lightweight and very portable
  • Lock system as standard named “Totalock”
  • Non Conductive Material
  • Makes the job more efficient
  • Strong & Durable Fibreglass
  • Can be used with all SOLO tools and attachments
  • Use with tools up to 6 metres (Including Height of Man)
  • Add SOLO 101-001 Extension poles to reach 9 metres (Including Height of Man)


  • Manufactured by Detectortesters, from the Solo range, our Solo 100 telescopic access pole is lightweight and portable and is the solution for all Solo tools. The fibreglass 4 section poles extends to 4.5 metres which allows smoke and heat detectors to be fitted at a height of 6 metres.

    Should you require further reach, our Solo 100 telescopic access pole works in conjunction with our fibreglass extension pole with an extra 1.13 metres of height meaning a total reach of 9 metres.

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