IP65 Electronic Sounder Red (100 dBa) – C3IP-SN-R

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The S-cubed range of alarm sounders incorporate sound, speech and strobe effects all in one range of alarm devices. The range offers all variants in the choice of two colours (red or white), with either a shallow base version sealed to IP31 or a deep base version sealed to IP55.

All the low profile sounders have the option of an integral strobe. As an aid to commissioning there is an option to use the HandiLink IR remote controls to select sounder tones and adjust the volume remotely. This means physical access is not required to make this adjustment. This facility is only active when sounders are turned on from the alarm panel.

Key Features:

  • Very low power consumption means more sounders and strobes per circuit
  • The strobe option is equivalent to a standard 3w xenon strobe and uses 1/20th of the power
  • 32 sounder tones are available
  • Voice enhanced sounders are available in the range
  • 4 voice phrases and a bell sound are available as standard
  • All sound and strobe signals are synchronised to better than +/-30mS over 20 minutes
  • Sounders and strobes are compatible with 12V and 24V systems
  • A third wired option allows the selection of 2 alternative sounds (ideal for class change applications)
  • Products incorporate innovative design features for which multiple patents have been granted