Gent XENS-805 Surface MCP 470 Ohms Re-settable

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Gent XENS-805 Surface MCP 470 Ohms Re-settable

The XENS-850 Conventional Manual Call Point requires no hammer and is easy and safe to operate.

Gent’s conventional manual call points are designed to provide a manual alarm interface to conventional fire alarm control panels. All call points are supplied in the standard red colour and are available in semi-flush mounting or surface mounting options. The manual call points are all with a 470 Ohm resistor and Normally Open contact, complete with glass.

Both break glass, and resettable operating elements can be used in the standard unit by a yellow strip on the element which becomes visible when activated.

With the addition of a hinged transparent cover the element may be protected against accidental operation.

A specialist test key may be inserted into the bottom of the unit to lower the glass and release the micro-switch and thus a full functional test is achieved.

Key Features

  • Fully compliant with EN54, Part 11
  • Re-settable operating element option
  • Weather proof IP67
  • Semi-flush or surface mounting
  • 470 Ohm resistor and Normally Open contact complete with glass
  • Resistive and clean contact connections
Technical Data
Current Rating 2A (switching only)
Humidity 93+ 3% non-condensing
Ingress Protection IP24D
Operating Temperature -10°C to +55°C
Operating Voltage 30VDC maximum
Weight 180g (130g Semi- flush)