Gent S-Cubed HP Red VAD/Red Body/EP S3EP-VAD-HPR-R

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S-Cubed offers a comprehensive range of loop powered alarm
sounders with integrated voice and EN54-23 certified visual
alarms. Combined with flexible configuration from the fire
control panels, this loop powered device can give a differentiated
combination of audible and visual alarms for alert and general
• Very low power
consumption means
that the Vigilon
system offers more
high performance
sounders and VADs on
the loop than any
other manufacturer
• Each loop can support
up to 200 voice
sounders, 100 visual
alarm devices (VADs)
and up to 70
combined sounder
• EN54-23 VADs with
adjustable light
coverage matching
the sounder output
• Environmentally
Protected (EP) range
with an IP66 rating
• Four voice phrases
and a bell tone
available as standard
• Voice and tone modes
can be freely
configured within the
same sounder
• Active background
monitoring of sounder
and VAD circuits
• Adjust the sounder
volume via the
commissioning tool,
the panel or the
HandiLink infrared
remote control