Gent Mains Powered 4 Channel Interface – S4-34440-02

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Gent Mains Powered 4 Channel Interface - S4-34440-02

The S4 Mains powered interface units (Part No's: S4-34440-02 and S4-34440-12) are EN54-4 compliant battery backed power supplies that can be directly connected to the Vigilon and Nano loop and also have highly flexible interfacing capability.

The 4 channels can be individually configured to provide Output and Input interface in various configuration modes, to control external equipment and receive input to allow the fire system to make decisions and take actions. It is now possible to have combined inputs and outputs giving a total of 8 external circuits connected (e.g. 4 sector outputs and 4 confirmation inputs).

The units have room to accommodate optional modules on to DIN rails. It has a configurable auxiliary power output that is derived from its self-contained mains power supply unit, which is battery backed to continue to deliver power in the event of mains supply failure.

Key Features

  • 4 channel interface integrates with EN54:part 4 power supply
  • A cost effective solution as all elements are included within the enclosure therefore reducing your installation and maintenance costs
  • Four channels can be individually programmed to provide various configuration modes to control external equipment