Gent K21SRS-01 Key Operated Manual Call Point

Manual call points from Honeywell Gent are easy and safe to operate, with no hammer required. Fully compliant with EN 54-11, each point is manufactured from ABS and both have a break glass and resettable element. For areas susceptible to inadvertent operation – such as sports halls – a stronger, clear polycarbonate cover version is available.

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The K21SRS-01 Key Operated Manual Call Point is a high quality, RED plastic manual call point with key switch. It allows for on/off control of equipment such as ventilation and overrides. The switch has a normally open and normally closed contact. Key is removable in 0 positions only.

These Call Point units are ideal for areas where malicious activation of call points may be common as the units can only be activated with a key.

Key Features

  • 2 Position Keyswitch Call Point
  • Comes in the colour Red