AlarmSense Base Sounder Part No. 45681-510APO

  • Will accept any AlarmSense fire detector to provide fire detection and an audible alarm warning signal at the same point.
  • 70d-87dB(A) sound output.
  • Certified to EN54-3 by UL International (UK) Limited.
  • Suitable for use with C-TEC’s CFP AlarmSense range of 2-8 Zone Two-Wire Fire Panels.
  • AlarmSense priority/non priority signal recognition
  • Detects the removal of a detector head and reports a fault
  • Continues to work during unauthorised removal of detector.
  • High and low volume ranges
  • Red and white caps available for stand-alone use.
  • Can also be purchased as part of a detector/sounder base combination (see Combination AlarmSense Devices section below).

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Approvals/certifications Certified to EN54- by by UL International (UK) Limited.
Application/operation Designed to be ceiling mounted with an AlarmSense fire detector. Red and White caps available for stand alone use.
Supply wiring 2-wire monitored, polarity insensitive.
Supply/operating voltage 18-33VDC (sounders active); Less than 15VDC (sounders off).
Quiescent current Less than 20µA @ 12VDC.
Nominal SPL (Sound Pressure Level) 87dB(A) max (high volume setting); 70dB(A) nominal (low volume setting).
Alarm current 5mA (sounder active current at 24V).
Product dimensions (mm) 115mm diameter x 40mm deep (without optional AlarmSense detector).
Construction & finish White polycarbonate. Red and white caps available for stand alone use.
IP Rating TBC.
Weight 150g.