24V 2.3Ah VRLA battery pack (2 x 12V c/w link wire) Part No. BC284/2

  • A high-quality 24V 2.3Ah Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid battery pack.
  • Comprises 2 x 12V rechargeable batteries and a link wire.
  • Each battery measures 178 W x 66H x 35 D mm.
  • Quick connect 4.75mm ‘Faston’ type terminals.

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Product dimensions (mm) 178 W x 66H x 35 D mm (height measurement includes terminals).
Weight 2 x 1kg.
Operating conditions/temperature -25ºC to +60ºC (storage); -15°C to +50°C (charge); -20°C to +60°C (discharge).
Notes Batteries must be recycled at end of life in accordance with local and national laws and regulations