Electric Fence Security System

The Electric Fence Security System deters, detects, denies, and defends your property. Based on a strong physical and psychological barrier that prevents intruders from entering. It also buys valuable reaction time, which can mean the difference between life and death in most cases. Electric fences frequently used to protect private properties and high-security installations. By sounding alarms and pinpointing the exact location of the breach, electric fences not only deter but also detect intrusions. Upon contact, the fence delivers an extremely painful and disorienting High Voltage but Non-Lethal Electric shock that stuns the intruder and renders climbing the fence impossible.

Almost all high-security sites now include electric fencing as part of their perimeter security. While economics will obviously be an important consideration when planning any electric fencing project, major decisions should not be made solely on price considerations. A low quality controller along with electric fence components will result in a sub standard fence. It will cause false alarms and short circuiting among other problems

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