Addressable Interface/Module Device

Addressable Interface/Module Device implements communication between fire control panels and a personal computer. Also between fire control panels in a network. In Fire Control Panels, the module is fitted.

Compatible with all intelligent control panels currently in use. Installed on a normal 35mm DIN rail or in a stand-alone enclosure. Short-circuit isolation maintains loop continuity in the event of device failure, and a tri-color LED displays local status.

Generally interface units come in 3 forms for use with addressable fire alarm systems:

  • Input unit
  • The output unit (either monitored or unmonitored for faults)
  • Input/output unit.

Replacing and upgrading existing conventional systems with a new addressable system in stages. In physically well-defined places such as distinct machinery rooms and boiler buildings, the module allows the use of lower-cost traditional detectors.

  • Addressable input interface unit
  • Complies with EN54 Part18
  • Low profile
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Accepts normally open input circuits
  • Monitors input circuit wiring for open or short circuit faults

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