Fire Resistant Cables

A Fire resistant cables maintains safe operation for a certain period under flame-burning conditions.

The maximum long-term working temperature of the cable
(1) Resistant vinyl polyfluoroethylene insulation and sheath: 70℃ and 105℃ both kinds; Cross-linked polyethene insulation: 90℃.
(2) Fluoroplastic insulation and sheathing: 220℃ and 260℃ two kinds; Fluoroplastic insulation and 105℃ flame retardant polyvinyl fluoride sheathing: 90℃ and 125℃ two kinds.
(3) Low-halogen, low-smoke flame-retardant PVC insulation, and sheathing: 70℃; Halogen-free, low-smoke flame-retardant polyolefin insulation and sheathing: 90℃ and 125℃ both.

Minimum ambient temperature.
(1) Flame retardant PVC insulation and sheathing: fixed laying -40℃; non-fixed laying -15℃.
(2) Fluorine plastic insulation and sheathing: fixed laying -60℃; non-fixed laying -20℃.

The safe laying temperature of the cable should not be lower than 0℃.

Fire resistance characteristics.
Flame temperature 950℃-1000℃ Flame temperature 750℃-800℃
Burning time 90min (recommended) Burning time 90min (recommended)
Additional voltage Rated voltage (min. 100V) Rated voltage (min. 100V)
Fire resistance class A (Class IA~Class IVA) Class I~IV

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