Looking to keep your home safe and secure? Check out our tips for keeping your home safe and regular.

From keeping your windows closed at night to keep your house clean and organized, we’ve got you covered.

  • Garage doors and windows should always be shut and locked. Keep an eye out for strange activities. Ask about the identification of any strangers you see lurking about the neighbourhood.
  • Be cautious when allowing outsiders in. Before opening the door, the identification of a salesperson, public utility, and repair staff must be verified.
  • Keep expensive goods away from windows.
  • Get to know your neighbours so that you can keep an eye on each other’s houses.
  • To be able to quickly see what is going on outside your home, make sure your front door has sufficient lighting:
  • Install a doorbell or video door phone so that guests can see it and contact you. Do not let guests in without first asking them to identify themselves.
  • When moving into an apartment or previously owned home, install properly secured locks.
  • Never bury a key outside; instead, keep extra keys in a secure location.
  • Keep the lawn mowed, the leaves raked, etc., to show that the house is well-maintained and occupied.
  • When leaving the house, even for a short time, leave the radio on low and turn off all electronics.
  • Consider “secured proof” fixtures and illuminate all entrances.
  • Lock up any ladders or tools that a thief would use to break in.

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  • Never leave a note explaining your absence from the house on the door.
  • When leaving your house, never leave the doors or windows unlocked.
  • Consider yourself the intruder and plan your entryway from the outside to determine where locks need to be installed on all doors and windows.
  • Keep the automatic garage door openers hidden.
  • To prevent hiding places or climbing platforms for burglars, trim the plants around doors and windows.
  • Use a timer to set a living room light to come on at nightfall, particularly if you plan to be gone.

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