ZETA UV/IR Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detectors


The new range of uv/ir and triple ir flame
detectors detect fuel and gas fires at long
distances with the highest immunity to false
the zt-30p and the zt-20ex can detect a 0.1m2 gasoline
pan fire at 30m in less than 5 seconds. the zt-500ex can
detect the same fire at 65m in less than 5 seconds.
new features include rs484/rs232 compatabilities for
digital communications; lower power requirements; and
a compact, lighter design.
zt-20ex and zt-500ex series are approved to atex by
dnv for explosion-proof.
uv/ir spectrum – for medium distance
detection and high false alarm immunity
triple ir spectrum – for longer distance
detection and high false alarm immunity
(zt-30p & zt-500ex only)
compact and lightweight design
zt-20ex & zt-500ex enclosure options:
– aluminium
– stainless (st 316l) for offshore facilities
user selectable (senitivity/functions)
multiple output options
– relays for alarm and fault
– 0-20ma (stepped)
– rs-485/rs-232 spectrum

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