• Multiple waterproof design. Built-in doorbell push button. Available to install indoors or outdoors.
  • LED display screen. Display time when it is stand-by. Display card number when proximity. Show setting state when it is stand-alone setting.
  • Networking with both unit and computer for instant data enquiry/setting, open/close door, alarm activation and etc. Access control available for stand-alone operation.
  • Maximum of 9,000 records of data when it is stand-alone. Unlimited records of data when it is networking. Detailed information of each card at the time is recorded.
  • Maximum of 4,500 cards for proximity unit. Each card is able to set its personal password and valid access time frames.
  • The Range of access control by the unit includes card number, password, time frame, holidays, error control, and etc.
  • The range of detection by the unit includes unit is being tampered, unauthorized door open, door does not close (exceeding time), anti duress, anti-theft detection, push button door open.
  • 48 time frames available to set. Each time frame has 5 time zones.
  • The unit has self-testing function.
  • Single card proximity entry, single card number entry, or batch entry and cards are able to issue in advance.
  • Door open methods: proximity, proximity and password, push button, door open by the computer’s command, special system password.
  • Anti-duress function available and user is able to enter specific password to send help signal.
  • External sub-reader available to connect.
  • One proximity reader can be added to the sub-reader for controlling of entry and exit.
  • Simple attendance function. The day’s first and last data as attendance data (available in text file when exporting).
  • Maximum proximity distance: 10cm(125KHz), 5cm(13.56MHz) (depending on types of card)
  • Power supply: 12VDC ±10%,Frequency:125KHz or 13.56MHz
  • Operation temperature: 0~60℃ ; Humidity: 85%Rh max
  • Dimensions: 140LX60WX30H (mm)
  • Weight:265g
  • Certification: CE


  • ST-780:EM-Marin format (125KHz)
  • ST-780M:Mifare format (13.56MHz)
  • ST-780MF:Mifare SOCA format (13.56MHz)
  • ST-780MH:Mifare SOCA V.2 format (13.56MHz)
  • Note: SOCA format has special encryption for higher security and it is incompatible with other formats.

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