• Stainless steel case with multiple waterproof design which is able to mount outdoors directly. It comes with waterproof. Anti-rust and anti-tampered functions.
  • Luminous keypad button to provide clear instructions in the dark.
  • LED display screen. Display time when it is stand-by. Display card number when proximity. Show setting state when it is stand-alone setting.
  • Proximity main reader can be connected to computer to provide online information inquiry/setting, door opening and closing, alarm activation and etc. It can be used as standalone operation.
  • During the operation of the proximity main system, historical data (recording entry & exit information) storage can be reached up to 9,000 batches. When it is being connected with computer, the capacity of recording of entry and exit information is unlimited which records detailed data of the cards.
  • The unit identifies maximum 4,500 non-serial card numbers. User is able to set its personal password and valid access time frames.
  • External set of sub-reader (Wiegand 26/34) for access control or anti-passback function.
  • Detection range: Unit is being tampered, door is opened illegally, door is not closed within time set, under duress, anti-theft detection and push button door open.
  • System provides 48 sets of time zone for user to set. Each time zone has five time districts available for user to set.
  • The system has self hardware testing function when the equipment is on. Built-in clock IC (RTC) and backup battery for the memory are able to keep the data when power cut occurred. It is make sure all data are kept well and system clock is functioning.
  • Single (proximity or card number entry) or batch registration and cards are able to issue in advance.
  • Door open methods: proximity, proximity and password, push button, door open by the computer’s command, special system password.
  • Emergency door open function for emergency use (such as fire). Emergency door open is triggered by the software or external module.
  • Maximum proximity distance: 1~3CM (125KHz),(depending on types of card).
  • Frequency : 125 KHz.
  • Power supply : DC12V, Power consumption: 130mA (standby); 180mA (operation).
  • Operation temperature: 0~60℃ ; Humidity: 85%Rh max
  • Dimensions : 115L x 70W x 30.5H (mm)


  • ST-280: EM-Marin format (125KHz)

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